Butcher: Bible Belt gaining vibrant colors in support of LGBT community

Some may see the April 7 election results — by a slim margin, voters repealed the Springfield City Council decision to extend anti-discrimination protection to our gay and transgender neighbors — as a victory for Christians. After all, the repeal effort was led by a group called Christians Uniting for Political Action.

Anyone who sees it that way does not know the Christians that I know. Here’s what a church friend of mine — a married straight man who has spent the last several weeks making phone calls in support of LGBT non-discrimination — said in a Facebook post:

“Working this No Repeal campaign has been a joyous and dare I say a spiritual experience. I have met wonderful new friends and got reacquainted with old ones. I hope we all stay in touch for the rest of our lives.”

Indeed, this election provided a moment of liberation for many people of faith. [continue reading at the News-Leader]


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